News from Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos:

Dear friend storyteller,
In less than a month, next June 21st, 2017, we will celebrate the Seventh International Day of ”Stories to Change the World”, to which you are invited to participate telling stories wherever you are.
Since June 21 is Wednesday, it will be possible to do the gigs also during the previous weekend, Saturday-Sunday 17-18 June, or after Saturday-Sunday 27-28 June 2017.
More than 1000 storytellers from 37 countries participated in the previous six calls. Your voice is important: We count on you.
You can count on schools, theaters, cultural centers, squares, universities, buses, oil rigs, boats, dormitories, train stations, or pubs. Any site is suitable for storytelling. Any time is appropriate to fight against inequalities, injustice, racism or ignorance. That is the meaning, message and goal of ”Stories to Change the World”.
Together we can make a better world through stories. Nobody can stop us. We just have to start the engine of the word.
Before June 21, please send us the information of your gig to (Name of the tellers, country, city, venue, and a photo…). We will publicize your activities In our blogs, and in the rest of the Internet forums of the International Storytelling Network (RIC).
Once the event are made, you can send us photos and comments of the activity to, and again we will give them publicity.

Thanks for participating. Hugs from the world of stories,

Enrique Páez and Beatriz Montero
General Coordinators of the RIC…